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An Introduction to Selro

Account Setup

How to complete your Selro account set up

Inventory Management

Manage and set up your products in your Selro inventory

Order Management

Manage multichannel orders from your sales channels

Multi-Channel Stock Control

Mange your inventory across multiple channels with warehouse support

Multi-Channel Listing Management

List Items in to your Sales Channels

Marketplace Integration

Manage and set the Marketplace connections for multichannel inventory and order management

Ecommerce Integration

Manage and set the ecommerce connections for multichannel inventory and order management

Shipping Integration

Selro supports over 30 shipping carriers worldwide. You can print shipping labels directly from Selro

Accounting Integration

Quickbooks, Xero, Sage Integration with automatically send orders and customer details into your favourite accounting software (Quickbooks, Kashflow, Xero, Sage)

Settings & Customisations

Account settings, invoice and shipping customisations

Supplier Management

Supplier Management including supplier HTTP feeds

3PL Fulfilment Management

Automatically fulfil Multichannel orders (e.g Shopify, eBay orders) via your Amazon FBA.

Reporting and Analytics

Get latest insights and forecast and grow your online business

Email Marketing

Email Marketing Solution For Your E-Commerce Stores

API Guides
Troubleshoot Guide

Most Commonly Asked Questions by Customers