Multichannel Inventory and Order Management System

After Integrating, the test connection was successful, but my Inventory is not showing?

Downloading the catalogue from a particular channel can take a minimum of 1 hour to list them into  your Selro account.

Difference between Market place and Webstore?

Market Place: An open space where a market is or was formerly held

Webstore: Webstore however is an e-commerce hosting that allows you to create a fully functional e-commerce website

Do Selro integrate directly with Shopify?

Yes we do. Can create products via Selro

Do you accept payments?

The only payments we accept are your subscriptions. We do not accept payments from your customers for your products you sent to them.

Does Selro automatically import the inventory from all my Channels?

No,when you connect channel you must click Download  catalogue .Selro will automatically download the inventory. The process takes a minimum of 1 hour to complete.


Does Selro automatically import my inventory from all my accounts?

Yes Selro automatically imports all your items from all the channels registered with Selro. If you have used the same SKU in all channels, products will be linked to a one product in Selro

Does Selro automatically import the inventory from all my Amazon seller account?

Yes. As the integration is done, Selro will automatically download the inventory. The process takes a minimum of 1 hour to complete

Does Selro has an API?

REST API is available to manage your orders and inventory in Selro

Does Selro integrate directly with Shopify?

Yes. You can integrate your Shopify store into Selro and manage your Shopify inventory, orders and shipments from here.

Does Selro link products from multiple channels via Sku’s?

Yes Selro uses SKU (Stock Keep Unit) to link products from multiple marketplaces and ecommerce stores

Does Selro link products from multiple channels via Sku’s?

Selro identifies the product on all Channels as one through SKUs and product identifiers like UPS, EAN, GTINs, Barcodes, etc. Hence it is necessary to be sure you’re providing the same SKU for the product that is displayed on various Channels.

Does Selro link products via Sku’s?

Yes, product linking between marketplaces and ecommerce stores are done via SKU

Does Selro provide SKUs?

Yes. Selro provides SKUs for new or available products. The number of new SKUs generated depends upon the plan you’ve subscribed to.

Does Selro support Amazon FBA?

FBA stands for Fulfillment by Amazon. The FBA Stock page allows you to keep an eye on how your Fulfilled By Amazon stock is doing.

When you send FBA stock you will be able to monitor your FBA status using the FBA Stock page (Stock –> FBA Stock).

Does Selro support Amazon repricing functionality across multiple Amazon profiles?

Yes, Selro does support Amazon repricing across multiple seller accounts.

The repricer within Selro is very flexible and allows the user to have a behavior of different repricing for the Amazon marketplaces individually. This is a good flexibility, which makes our Amazon repricing software unique.

At a glance, you can move price listing depending upon your local currency, which is covered in the software. Selro allows you to have a different range for each Amazon you sell on. Perhaps you want to have a lower price limit in some cases, higher postage, or a higher fixed overhead price. We allow you to think through the best pricing strategy for you depending on where you are listing and then let you set it up. The result is that you can maximize your Amazon sales wherever your SKUs are listed.

Does Selro support Bulk Actions?

Selro is built to automate all your time consuming manual deeds of which uploading products tops the list. Processing orders and printing labels and invoices are next. Bulk Actions on Selro helps you manage your huge inventory effectively and list number of products over channels in no time. You can also process hundreds of orders and send invoices of them to customers in minutes.

Does Selro support html templates for eBay listings?

Yes, Selro not only supports HTML listings on eBay but also provides you with a free HTML template where you can edit it as per requirement and list them.

How can I adjust my stock details?

You can update the stock levels across all your channels within Selro admin. Change just once on a SKU and Selro will automatically update in each channels. You can also bulk update quantities for all products via a CSV (Common Separated File)

How can I adjust the stock details?

You can update the stock levels for a few products directly from the “Manage your Inventory” page, under “Quantity” against the particular product click “Edit” and change the values then and there.

In order to change the quantity for many products, we recommend doing it through “Bulk Actions”. In the Excel spread sheet, list all the required SKUs and quantity (Headers depend upon the Channels where you’re going to update them. Click Here to find out the right headers for the actions) and save it in CSV file format. Go to Inventory → Bulk Imports and upload the saved CSV file. You can now check for the updated Quantity in the Inventory.

How can I set the product attributes?

There are two ways to get to the “product attributes” page. Login to your Selro account and  select   (or) select Inventory è Product Attributes

You can add all the required features and add values for all your products.

How does stock repricer work on Selro?

Selro Repricer identifies all your Amazon accounts as unique identities and makes repricing possible individually. Also the “low price limit” option sets a limit to the lowest possible amount restricting the repricer from bringing down the cost of your product below profit levels.

How does the category mapping with eBay works?

Selro allows you to select the categories (eBay provided) while creating listing templates for your products. EBay takes those values by default while listing the products. To assign the categories, Login to your Selro account → Inventory  →Channels → Edit (against the particular Channel) →Listing Templates. Scroll down to the categories section. Select appropriate categories and save. Select shop categories if you’re a shop owned at eBay.

How does the category mapping with eBay works?

Within Selro, you can maintain your own categories and set-up the category mapping with your eBay shop category.

When listing items into eBay, Selro will automatically use the mapped categories. You can do this mapping by yourself or we can guide you to setup using the Selro Admin UI.

How long will it take for Selro to integrate with my channel?

The Channels gets integrated immediately as soon as the integration process is completed. The integrated Channels are enlisted in the right hand side of Inventory (or Orders)  →Channels.

How many channels does Selro support?

Market place                                                                                                              Web Store 

1.Amazon                                                                                                                                1.Megento

2. ebay                                                                                                                                    2.Prestashop

3.Rakuten                                                                                                                               3.Shopify

4.Etsy                                                                                                                                      4.Bigcommerce

5.FlubitSears                                                                                                                         5.Woocommerce

6.Bonanza                                                                                                                              6.Volusion

7.cDiscount                                                                                                                            7.Bluepark

How many eBay sites does Selro support?

Selro supports eBay worldwide that gives you a wonderful opportunity to remain fearless while selling your products beyond borders.

How many eBay sites does Selro supports?

eBay – All the countries in the footer of

How many languages does Selro platform support?

Selro admin UI is only supported in English but when listing into European eBay and Amazon sites, you can enter the title/description etc in different language.

How to change the price of the product?

Login to your Selro account, select Inventory → Manage Products. Search for the product according to the Title, SKU, etc., under the “Price” header, click “edit” and change the price. (Follow this procedure for updating 1 or 2 products. Bulk Actions is suggested for changes in huge numbers).

How to create a CSV file with multiple channels and categories?

Click Here to see what headers to add in the Excel sheet while creating a file with multiple channels and categories. After entering all the required information, save the file in CSV format

How to update stock levels at Selro automatically?

To update stock levels automatically on Selro, you need to first enable “Stock Synchronization”. Go to

Inventory →Inventory Synchronize and enable synchronization on all platforms. Stock levels will be updated automatically.

How to upload Barcodes to products?

You can upload the list of Barcodes into Selro and assign them to new or available products. If you have a list of Barcodes, go to Inventory è Barcodes Management and click. A list of Unused Barcodes  will show up. Selro automatically assigns a Barcode from the available list when a new product is created. To assign Barcodes for available SKUs    download   “Assign Barcodes   to SKUs” file from here save the changes in a CSV file format, go to Inventory è Bulk Actions èFrom the drop down in “Bulk Imports” select “SKU Barcode Import CSV File”. To see the changes, wait for the status to change to “Complete”.

I am trying to add my Amazon account and authorize MWS, but i can’t find Selro application developer’s account number?

When integrating with Amazon MWS, please enter first option (access my seller account) for all Amazon accounts except US and UK accounts and at the end it will show two keys (access and secret key). Those keys need to be entered into Selro.

For Amazon Us and UK, please enter the Selro developer account, which is displayed on Amazon integration setting page in your Selro Admin.

Is automated Amazon repricing permitted by Amazon on all their sites?

Yes, you can reprice using our Amazon repricer on all of the available Amazons.

The Amazon marketplace is very competitive and a repricer that allows you to carry out Amazon repricing is essential if you are serious about building sales and building a profitable business. The scope to sell profitably and competitively is easily possible across worldwide and it will give you the real chance of building a much bigger business.

Selro support Amazon FBA?

Yes. Selro does support Amazon FBA and helps you manage and track products FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon).

What Amazon channels Selro supports?

Selro supports all the Amazon channels except Japan. Selro only supports Amazon Seller Central accounts.

What are the hours for technical support ?

Our live tech support timings are from 8 AM to 6 PM GMT.

What I s mean by UPC?

UPC stands for Universal Product Code

What is mean by ASIN?

ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) is an alpha-numeric identity given to a product by Amazon. The usage of ASINs as product identifiers are restricted to Amazon. To identify your products globally or on other channels, it’s mandatory to provide an UPC/EAN/GTIN/APN.

What is mean by EAN?

European Article Number

What is mean by RRP?

RRP Stands for RRP Recommended retail price. It is determined by the manufacturer or supplier.

What is mean by SKU?

SKU stands for Stock Keeping unit; it’s a product or service identification code.

What is Selro?

Selro is a leading provider of cloud-based multichannel selling solutions that enable retailers to increase profitability and scaling of their global sales through dozens of online channels including Amazon, Google, eBay, Facebook and more. Through automation, analytic and optimisation. Selro leverages a single inventory feed to more efficiently listing on online channels.


UPC (Universal Product Code), EAN (International Article Number), GTIN (Global Trade Item Number), APN (Australian Product Number) are standardized product identifiers and are provided by the manufacturer or the dealer.  Click Here to know more about Product Identifiers

Where can I find the invoice templates and shipping labels?

After logging in to your account. From Dashboard go to “Orders”, then Choose Invoice and shipping labels.

Where can I find the invoice templates and shipping labels?

Login to your Selro account. Select Orders →Invoice & Shipping Labels

Why Create Order and How to create it?

You can Ship your offline order through Selro by creating an Order. Go to Orders →Create a New Order, fill in the credentials along with the Shipping details and Select “Create Order”. A new order is created and is listed in Orders  →Orders.

Why should I add users and can I restrict their access to the system?

Adding users will allow your employees or co-workers access the Selro system with their own User ID and Password. The “Permissions” on the user page, will allow you to restrict the accessibility of users of the Selro system.

How many Users can I add?

You can add up to 10 users.